Aerial Cleaning and or Dusting

Aerial Cleaning and or Dusting

An office space is a reflection of a company, so when clients or potential clients see an untidy place it could be a big deterrent from them wanting to do business with you. Dust and dirt love to settle on ceiling fans, vents and light fixtures that are out of reach. Before you know it, they will eventually accumulate into a thick pile up of dust. Not only is this a poor reflection of your business, it is hazardous to the health of your workers. Dirt, dust, and grim build up can cause workers to fall ill or trigger their allergies. Statistics show that offices that are kept clean and tidy have less people calling in sick during the year. It is recommended that ceilings be cleaned on a regular basis to keep a healthy and productive work environment. High dusting should be an important component of your maintenance program.

Cleaners on the Move Technicians are specially trained to tackle your high dusting and cleaning needs safely, quickly, and effectively.

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“Quality service, Quality People. We are proud to have them service our residence on a regular basis.”

– Bob & Anne-Marie Crossman

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