Commercial Floor Stripping, Sealing and Waxing

Commercial Floor Stripping, Sealing and Waxing

Without proper maintenance, vinyl and linoleum floors lose their shine. These types of floors can develop wax buildup and an unsightly yellow discoloration. This dingy film coupled with deep scratches and abrasions acts like a magnet, attracting even more dirt and grime. Cleaners on the Move can remove your floor’s old sealer, reseal it with a high quality sealer and re-coat the surface to a sparkling shine. This sealer and gloss finish will extend the wear on your floor, reduce marks and scratches and guard against soil penetration and abrasion. Cleaners on the Move offers regular maintenance programs which provide our clients with peace of mind.

We offer the following services:

  • Deep Scrub and Re-waxing Services
  • Stripping and Waxing Services
  • Monthly Burnishing Services
  • Floor Maintenance Programs

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“Quality service, Quality People. We are proud to have them service our residence on a regular basis.”

– Bob & Anne-Marie Crossman

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